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In the above trace, you see a room that reproduces midrange frequencies extremely well. This can make for a muddy show and a lack of intelligibility.

After three filters have been applied, you can see those midrange frequencies have been tamed, and the system now reproduces more evenly across the frequency range, while retaining the high-freqency roll-off at 4 kHz for maximum vocal intelligibility.

Improve the sound of your PA system with Smaart® Room Analysis and your FREE PRM1 Reference Microphone ($129 value).

Only StudioLive digital mixers give you the same tools that the pros use for improving live sound and taming room acoustics: Smaart® from Rational Acoustics and a professional reference microphone.

And now when you buy a StudioLive 24.4.2 we’ll send you a PRM1 professional reference microphone so you can take advantage of this awesome PA feature (offer ends May 31, 2013).

What is Smaart?

Smaart for StudioLive is a subset of Rational Acoustics’ highly-acclaimed Smaart v7 measurement and analysis program ($899 retail), used by most live-sound touring professionals.

It helps you solve the acoustic problems that plague any performance. It gives you the ability to see and change the acoustics of your venue in real time—so your PA system is tuned to work with the room instead of fighting it.

Just download it as part of Universal Control 1.7 and activate Virtual StudioLive on any PC or Mac laptop. There are five parts to Smaart. Two of them require a reference microphone.

How does Room Analysis work?

You set up the PRM1 microphone in the venue and follow the Smaart Room Analysis Wizard steps, either on a laptop or an iPad. Using the built-in, 3-band parametric EQ, you end up with a better sounding system in minutes!

You can also use the PRM1 and the Smaart System Delay Wizard to properly set the delay time of rear or side fill PA.

How do I get my free PRM1?

Buy a StudioLive 24.4.2 mixer from any authorized U.S. dealer between now and May 31, 2013. E-mail us a PRM1 Redemption Form and a copy of your sales invoice and we’ll send you a PRM1.

Click here to download the Free PRM1 Redemption Form