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What You Get

When you buy Studio One®, you not only get a deep, state-of-the art, yet easy to learn DAW that makes workflow seem like playflow; you also get a wealth of plug-ins, loops, instruments, and other content, plus integration with your external audio hardware. Furthermore, you become a valued part of the active and welcoming Studio One community, with whom you can share Studio One resources and tracks, as well as tips and ideas. And of course, you get top-flight PreSonus technical support.

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Tour Studio One

Come on the amazing journey
And learn all you should know.

Processing and Effects Plug-ins

Explore Studio One's impressive library of Native Effects™ plug-ins.

Virtual Instruments

Check out Presence™, Impact™, Mojito, and SampleOne™!

Melodyne Integration

We didn’t just bundle a copy of Melodyne; we delivered the power of Melodyne pitch correction in a seamless user experience.

Integrate External Hardware

Studio One makes it easy to use audio interfaces, control surfaces, instrument controllers, sound modules, and signal processors.

Included Content

Enjoy gigabytes of custom instruments, samples, and loops that will get your creative juices flowing.

Online Community and Support

Welcome to the worldwide community of Studio One users—including a great tech-support team, active forums, resource sharing, and much more.